Why us?


          1 12 years of stable and successful work in the market of engineering services in the field of energy saving. 4 We use our own software, the originality and necessity of which was confirmed by professionals.         
    2 A highly professional team with international business experience. 5 Simulation of different modes of operation of equipment using developed software allows us to develop an optimal energy saving strategy.
    3 Great  experience  in implementation of energy efficiency projects in large enterprises in various industries. 6 Established partnership with leading research organizations helps us to solve a wide range of technical problems.





Software Development

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Sigma specialists have designed and developed their own unique software:
SigmaGraph, a suite of programmes which is used to analyze and process thermograms;

SigmaTER, a programme which is used to analyse the real running costs of heat generation as well as to identify inefficient use of heat and electricity.


Heating system performance analysis, optimisation and layout design


By designing and implementing a set of procedures it is possible to achieve the required temperatures inside buildings and match the estimated optimum amount of thermal fluid in a heating system. Using professional tools to examine closely the heating networks and end-users' thermal equipment, we can fine-tune the system's performance with great accuracy.



Thermal surveying


Our non-destructive testing laboratory, which is accredited by the Russian Federal Technical Supervisory Authority, carries out thermal imaging of buildings, power generation facilities, heating systems, boiler units and other objects and equipment. We achieve a high standard of work by using modern techniques and our own software.


Optimization of power supply systems


Reliable and optimally performing power supply systems play a crucial role in making industry successful. A full analysis of the power supply system allows you to optimise the performance of equipment, efficiency of technical processes and reduce losses of power in the networks.


Comprehensive survey of heat sources and heating systems


In order to fine tune the equipment of a heating system, we carry out comprehensive surveys that measure and analyse the heating system in its entirety - from the heat source to the end user. It allows us to design and implement procedures directed at saving energy, reaching the system's maximum economy and improving the quality of heat supply.


Energy audits


Sigma has been working in the energy saving field since 2003. Our main aim in this is reduction in consumption of energy resources and developing effective energy saving programmes for our customers. We were honoured to be partners with such large companies as Sladonezh (a confectionary manufacturer, Omsk), Irtysh (tele- and radioequipment, Omsk), Omsk City Water Supply Network and many others.



The ahieved energy saving


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