Enterprises' energy audit - energy inspection

STC "Sigma" performs energy audits - energy inspection of enterprises and solution of problems related with the development energy-saving measures since 2003.

The Company has the full range of measuring equipment, proprietary software and skilled personnel provide operative performance of these works. All companies Employees have been certified in Rostekhnadzor and have the appropriate certificate on industrial safety and III and IV class of electric safety.

Our experience allows to develop effective and feasible energy saving measures, ensuring high quality of energy passports.

STC "Sigma" has a certificate of admission to work for energy audits № 025-2010-13, issued by the SRO NP "SOOEO." High requirements for companies including the SRO and the level of energy audits contributed to the following result:

- As I half-year 2012. More than 15% of all the energy passports registered Ministry of Energy of Russia developed by the members of SRO NP "SOOEO."

The presence of the Company's certified non-destructive testing laboratory in the Rostekhnadzor allows to carry out thermal imaging diagnostics walling, electrical and boiler inspection objects on a good technical level.

To achieve calculated indices energy savings after the development of the energy saving program, STC "Sigma" is supervision over the implementation of measures, usually within 1-2 years, and if necessary, adjusted.

This allows you to achieve guaranteed results with a quick return on investment. For example, the figure shows the actual data for the optimization of the heat source:


Our clients are large enterprises such as Limited Liability Company "Sladonezh", Open Joint Stock Company "OmPA " Irtysh ", Open Joint Stock Company "Omsk Bacon", Open Joint Stock Company "OmskVodokanal", Limited Liability Company "Ermakovskaya Heating Company", Limited Liability Company "Bolshegrivskaya heating Company", sanatorium "Kolos" and many others.

Technical standards' development for fuel usage and optimization of work thermal power station equipment is one of the important STC "Sigma" activities.