Software for the analysis and processing of thermal images


 Demonstration of program's capabilities







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In the company developed an innovative software system «SigmaGraph» for analysis and evaluation thermogram.It was created with the best practices in the field of non-destructive testing of the leading scientific centers of Russia.

Processing program thermogram SigmaGraph can solve the problem of efficient docking and processing large quantities of thermal image with temperatures' saving array.

The program includes the following pages:


The tab "Database thermographic image (TI) " help to create a database of the TI and navigate through it, see TI at different scales together with a photo, make and store the additional information set point temperatures on TI, change the palette view of TI, print TI and object's protocol, filter the survey's objects.


The tab "Analysis of TI ' allows you to build temperature profiles, to predict the surface temperature when the parameters of the environment, print analyzed TI.




The tab "Overview of TI ', allows you to view all at once the object of the TI survey, set the threshold temperature (temperature higher than the threshold is highlighted in red on the TI ), print the page with an overview.


The tab "Combining TI" allows you to create component TI, store these in the TI database, change the geometric parameters of single and compound TI make calculated area, the average values temperature and heat flux, heat losses in various fields, view, change the color palette display TI print out all the results.


The tab "Settings TI" is intended for:
- correction the temperature in the fields TI, using data obtained experimentally;
- deleting individual elements that prevent evaluate the overall picture of TI shooting.


The tab "Build TI." When pictures are taking, "noise" will often appear in the image. This page allows you to some extent reduce the influence of the "noise" by combining several images filmed with time intervals. It is also possible to use interpolation function. Software cost 345 euros.



Software for heat sources' analysis

Search irrational use of of energy resources in the boiler is technically cumbersome task. Specialized program «SigmaTER» has developed for the analysis of the actual costs and detection irrational use of heat and electricity in the boiler , and allowed you to:

- make quickly cost calculations of thermal and electrical energy for each boiler equipment's type;

- Compare the calculated and actual consumption of equipment's energy each type for a given ambient temperature;

- identify the main objects for the development of energy-saving measures.


All data about the study boiler in the "starting data" contains, such as connected load, temperature graph, the kind used by the main and reserve fuel, the data on accessory equipment of boiler. This tab is a database that allows you to view data from all the surveys.



In the "Boilers" recorded data about all installed boilers, draft equipment appropriate to them and regime maps. Depending on the development of each boiler unit are plotted specific fuel consumption. The program allows you to work together to build a graph of boilers throughout outside air temperatures' calculated range, which ensures minimum fuel consumption.

 Расчет затрат пара


The calculated costs are shown in each direction in the "Costs pair's calculation". Percentage diagram are constructed between all directions, depending on the ambient temperature.


расчет затрат топлива и электроэнергии


The estimated and actual (measured) values of costs for each area are shown on the "Compare Values". Diagrams are constructed relationship between all directions at the current ambient temperature. These data allow us to quickly compare actual data with their estimated values at the current temperature.