Thermal surveying - non-destructive thermal control

Accredited by the Rostehnadzor laboratory non-destructive thermal control conducts thermal imaging inspection of building construction, power generation facilities, heating systems, boilers and other equipment.

All work is carried out in strict accordance with normative documents:

GOST 26629-85 Buildings. The method of thermal insulation building envelope's quality control

GOST 26254-84 Buildings. Methods for determination of building envelope's thermal resistance

GOST 25380-82 Buildings. The method of measuring heat flow's density through the building envelope

GOST 18353-79 (Edit: 23-06-2009) Non-destructive testing. Classification of types and methods.

GOST 23483-79 (Edit: 23-06-2009) Non-destructive testing. Methods of thermal type. general requirements

SNIP 23-02-2003. Buildings' thermal protection

RD 153-34.0-20.364-00. Infrared Diagnostic Technique mechanical equipment

RD 34.45-51.300-97 The scope and standards testing of electrical equipment

RD 153-34.0-20.364-00 Infrared diagnostic method of mechanical equipment.

RD 03-606-03 Instructions for visual and measuring control

RD 153-34.0-20.363-99 Main provisions of the infrared method and overhead lines' diagnosis

RD 13-04-2006 Methodical recommendations on the procedure of thermal control technical equipment and facilities used and exploited on dangerous industrial objects

PB 03-440-02 Personnel's rules certification in the field of non-destructive testing of 23 January 2002, number 3

VSN 43-96 Departmental building standards for thermo-technical surveys of buildings' enclosing structures with the use small-size thermal imagers

UDC 621.384.3 thermal imaging diagnostics objects of electric and thermal power

Inspection of buildings and structure, heating systems

One of the main ways to save fuel is to reduce the heat loss through the building envelope construction structures which makes up 30% of total energy losses.

Thermal imaging inspection of building structures, thanks to its efficiency, visibility and results's credibility, has managed to establish itself as one of the main ways to diagnose building envelope at the end of construction and during operation.

Software SigmaGraph is used for treatment of thermal images' settlements and storage.


Defect panel joints of the building


The infiltration of mounting glass' cold air at infringement


Pollution heating radiator

The thermal network

Main quality indicators thermal insulation of pipelines - the maximum permitted
heat loss through the insulation.
The objectives of thermal insulation's tests are:
- Localization and determination of volumes its destruction before repair;
- Assessment of thermal insulation's quality for acceptance after installation, repair or reconstruction;
- Examination of thermal insulation's state and its passportization.
For treatment the calculations and storage of thermal imaging exposure is software SigmaGraph.

Violation of the pipeline insulation layer

Electrical equipment, DES

Electric power industry is one of the areas thermal imaging's most successful application, because detected temperature gradients can reach tens of degrees, which greatly facilitates their identification on the background noise. Russia's leading energy companies use thermal imaging for several decades for regular check for open and closed switchgear.

Software SigmaGraph is used for treatment the calculations and storage of thermal images.


               The defect of the bushing SG 10 kV                             Defect 0 - output transformer


         Defect bolting and 10kV cable                                     Defect bolting and pressure test


             Defect  0.4 kV knife switch                                             The heating pump bearing


                                                                                                     diesel unit


The main objectives of boiler's thermal imaging inspection equipment are to evaluate the quality of boiler units' inner lining, assessment of external walling boilers and auxiliary equipment, as well as cold air's identification suction and breach seal in the gas conduits, control of heat losses in the shut-off valve regulating pipe inside the boiler room. All of these parameters directly affect the efficiency of the boiler and the impact on fuel consumption.

Software SigmaGraph is used for treatment the calculations and storage of thermal images.


Defects boiler setting

Suction of air through the lining of the boiler