Energy saving measures

Energy audits



Co.Ltd STC "Sigma" engaged in energy saving since 2003. The main challenge in the field of energy audit company considers the achievement of a real decline in spending on energy and the development of an effective energy saving program. Such large enterprises as JSC "Sladonezh", JSC "Omsk Production Association" Irtysh ", JSC" OmskVodokanal "and many others appreciated high professionalism STC "Sigma".



 Hydraulic modes optimization of heating networks and development of heat schemes



Development and introduction of complex measures allows to provide regulatory temperature inside the heated space and provide calculated amount of coolant in the heat consumption of each system. Calculations with the performance of instrumental inspections networks and consumer thermal power equipment significantly improves the quality adjustment of heating system.





Comprehensive survey of heat sources and heat supply systems



STK "Sigma" carries out complex survey of the whole chain heat supply - "heat source - heat network - consumer" to optimize equipment's operation. This makes it possible to develop and implement energy saving measures, to achieve maximum economic effect and significantly improve the quality of heat.

 Power supply system's optimization


Modern production's efficiency is largely dependent on a reliable and optimal use of the power supply system.
A full analysis of the power supply system lets you select the optimal modes of the equipment's operation , increase efficiency of technological processes and reduce the losses in electric networks.






Software Development



The STC "Sigma" specialists developed their own software:
- Software complex "SigmaGraph", allowing to analyze and process thermograms;
- The program «SigmaTER» allows analyzing the actual costs, and identifies inefficient use of heat and electricity in the heat sources.






Thermal survey



The accredited laboratory in the Rostekhnadzor nondestructive testing carries out thermal imaging survey of the building construction, power generation facilities, heating systems, boiler units and other equipment. High quality of work provided by the use modern methods and its own software.