Comprehensive survey of heat sources and heating systems

General Provisions
NTK "Sigma" taking complex survey of the whole chain "heat source - heat network - the consumer", to optimize the equipment's performance , energy saving and, thus, improving the heat's quality. The simultaneous perform works allows you to get the maximum economic benefit with minimal financial investment.
For example, it is impossible to reduce the pump power network, i.e. reduce the amount heat carrier, without adjusting hydraulic modes of the heat network. Installation systems calculated throttle orifices can only reduce the quality of heat supply, due to the poor quality of intrahouse systems. It is also very difficult to achieve compliance with the indoor's climate parameters without identifying and eliminating the internal causes of the temperature modes deviation.
Applying company modern diagnostic equipment and software, significantly improves the quality of the work. It is Impossible to accurately determine the actual condition of thermal power equipment, electrical equipment, enclosures, heat registers and windows without the entire spectrum use of contemporary art, namely meter, electronic thermometers, power quality analyzer, gas analyzer, thermal, etc.
It is possible to objectively monitor the quality of work performed with using modern diagnostic equipment and software. This is particularly evident in the control of pipelines thermal insulation. It is known that loss thermal energy can be up to 40% - 60% with poor insulation. If pipeline is insulated with a low quality, the efficiency of such operations will be small.
The same problems are in the repair of boiler setting. Surveys show is not always an acceptable level of work performed. And this is the direct losses of heat energy. There have been cases when contracting organizations had to redo their work twice. For this, acceptance has been agreed in the contracts with the a thermal imaging diagnostics.
A significant number of marriage (to 60-70%) was found during the thermal imaging inspection of windows. Violation of technology installation and incorrect adjustment led to a significant number of infiltration of cold air into the room, which worsens the climate parameters.
Surveys show that the decrease in temperature in the rooms is heavily dependent on the state of the registers and adjustable hydraulic regimes. The combined use of the flowmeter and thermal imaging to determine the distribution of heat carrier on the risers (rays), places the infiltration of cold air into the room and pollution of land registers.
Our company has developed software SigmaGraph for storing and processing the resulting thermography of thermogram. The customer is able to electronically store all the thermogram and monitor the dynamics of changes in the state of surveyed sites. This is particularly true in the field of electric power.
Software SigmaTER is developed for analysis of boiler. You can quickly perform calculations of thermal energy costs for each element of the boiler for any ambient temperature with it. Then, you can measurement the actual costs of thermal energy and to identify ways to optimize the equipment's operating conditions of using portable equipment to carry out.
High quality conducted surveys can make realizable plan of energy-saving measures and protect it at the relevant authorities, which makes possible to further financing and coordination of real actual specific energy consumption of energy.

It must be remembered that quality of heat improves with the implementation of the developed activities other than energy savings, which leads to the cessation of complaints from consumers. And this is the work's performed social aspect.

Heat sources' survey

The main objective of the heat source survey is to provide , introduction of measures that minimize the cost of thermal energy production and also improving the efficiency and equipment's reliability.

The work, performed on the heat source, include:
- Calculation of regulatory energy consumption by each element heat source in actual use;
- Carrying out full instrumental measurements of all equipment in heat source, including boilers, and the comparison with the calculated parameters;
- Determination of the actual costs of heat and electricity for their own needs and their comparison with the calculated values;
- Activities' development and introduction aimed at minimizing the cost of heat source own needs;
- Carrying out testing the effectiveness of implemented measures and, if necessary, the implementation of their adjustment.


Specialists use modern diagnostic facilities (gas analyzer, thermal, flow meter, power quality analyzer, etc.) and proprietary software designed to simulate and calculate the modes of heat source SigmaTER in carrying out this work's type.


Thermal energy's survey of Consumers

The main objective of thermal energy consumers' survey is to identify the causes of the indoor climate parameters' violations, development of measures to address the factors that prevent to provide quality heat supply.
The use of modern measuring devices for diagnostics allows you to:
- determine the state of the heating registers and the need to wash the individual elements;
- identify the places cold air's infiltration;
- measure the actual flow and compare them with the calculated;
- Check and adjust heating system's hydraulic regimes;
- If necessary, refine and correct the actual connected heat load;
- develop comprehensive measures that will improve heat supply's quality.
Examples of defects identified with a thermal imaging diagnostics:

    Pollution radiator                 The infiltration of cold air        Defect building envelope               

Heating system's inspection

Survey's target is to prepare the data for the development (or correction) mode of hydraulic heating systems operation and also control over the result of developed measures' introduction.
The work carried out in the heating systems, you can:
- To prepare the objective data for the calculation of heating networks' hydraulic modes;
- To assess the state of thermal insulation, calculate losses;
- Detect defective gate valve, leading to the emergence of bypass;
- To measure the actual values of thermal systems' hydraulic parameters up to and after the adjusting of hydraulic regimes;
- To apply heating system's step adjustment.

The end result of developed hydraulic regimes' introduction, conducted surveys at the border is to ensure accountability for each consumer defined heats modes.